Tyre & Battery Centre

Tyre & Battery Centre

Car Connection can fit and balance your new tyres, along with rotating your existing tyres and repairing punctures. Tyres are one of the most critical safety features of any vehicle. Cheap tyres can be appealing, but nobody wants their tyres to fail. Dunedin can present some unique driving, especially in winter with frost, hail and snow, along with wet weather driving conditions and differing road quality. 

Tyre Rotations

A tyre rotation simply means changing the position of the tyre on the vehicle, to help the tyre wear better. It’s a simple yet effective way of increasing the life and safety of your tyres by ensuring they wear more evenly. Switching them front and back ensures they wear evenly and last longer. As a rule of thumb, a tyre rotation is recommended between every 5,000 to 8,000 km, even if there are no signs of uneven wear, but it can depend. Your tyres are checked with your economy service at Car Connection, and we’ll let you know if they’re in need of a rotation or alignment.

Car Connection sell, fit and balance Firestone Tyres & Maxxis Tyres

Firestone tyres are a dependable tyre that’s modern and delivers on performance and safety. Whether you’re driving a passenger car or SUV, they give reliable quality, especially for affordability.

Maxxis tyres are made to take the hard knocks and are great for cars, SUVs, and vans. They’re durable, with toughness, puncture resistance, and grip which gives them real longevity.

Wheel Alignments

Car Connection offers wheel alignments by arrangement, offsite. If your car feels like it’s pulling to one side of the road, you could be experiencing signs indicating you need a wheel alignment. Wheel misalignment can happen gradually from everyday driving, or from incidents like hitting a curb or pothole. As well as compromising your safety, wheel misalignment can greatly increase tyre wear, which cost you more in the long run. The bottom line is when your wheels are correctly aligned, your car handles better and your tyres don’t wear as fast. 

Century Batteries

Nobody likes to get caught out with a dead car battery. Whether it’s a cold winter’s morning and you’re rushing to work or on the side of the highway. Century Batteries are reliable, durable car batteries. Car Connection offers free automotive battery checks we also test your battery on servicing and will let you know if you need a new one. 

How to spot your car battery could need replacing:

  • Your most obvious is a warning light on your dash – if your warning light stays on for a long time after the engine has started – it can be a sign that there’s an internal problem with the battery. Most modern vehicles have a warning light on their dashboard.
  • On start-up, your engine turns over slowly or sluggishly but doesn’t start. If your vehicle is refusing to start, it could require a new battery.
  • In Dunedin, a lot of car batteries get caught out as we head into winter. A tell-tale sign is your battery starts losing power quickly in cold weather. A fully charged battery will be less affected by cold weather because it’s able to call on more power to start the car.
  • Lastly, your headlights dim while you’re idling and then brighten when you rev the engine.

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