Brakes, Clutches & Suspension

Brakes, Clutches & Suspension

The friendly team at Car Connection can help with clutch replacements, brake safety checks and replacements and suspension checks with replacements of shockies, ball joints and bushes. 

Clutch Replacements

When it comes to clutch replacements, we separate the gearbox from the engine and take apart the entire clutch assembly, if needed. What sometimes appear to be clutch faults can sometimes be the clutch linkage system. We check all parts of the clutch assembly including the pilot bearings, clutch cable, various seals and pressure plate. With a few new parts, we’re good as new.

How to tell your clutch might need replacing:

Notchy gear changes and engine revs rising without an increase in speed are a sure sign of a worn and slipping clutch. Here are a few more detailed tell-tale signs: 

  • The engine revving high when you pull away
  • Having to change down earlier when going uphill
  • Poor fuel economy
  • A clutch pedal that feels either unusually stiff or has lots of play

After a quick test drive and a look, we’ll be able to see if your vehicle needs any of the following:

  • Gearbox oil replaced
  • Clutch replaced
  • Gearbox and engine mount replacement
  • Clutch slave and master cylinder repairs

Get a brake safety check in Dunedin at Car Connection

If there’s one thing besides your car engine that needs to work correctly, it’s your brakes!

Car Connections brake safety inspections cover your:

  • Brake fluid levels
  • Brake fluid master cylinder or fluid reservoir
  • Status of brake discs or rotors
  • Status of brake pads
  • Status of brake lines
  • Status of brake shoes and drums (with on drum braking systems)
  • ABS brakes system with an electronic scan tool

How to spot when your brakes need to be inspected:

  • If your steering wheel shudders when you apply the brakes
  • The brakes squeal when applied
  • Your vehicle steers to one side when braking
  • You have to press the pedal far to get a response
  • Braking is harder when the brakes are hot
  • The warning light appears on your dashboard

This is a bit of a given, but it’s important to get your brakes inspected before something serious happens.

For brake repairs and replacements in Dunedin call Car Connection.

Car Connection offers brake repairs or replacements for brake issues including:

  • Replacing brake pads
  • Calliper rebuilds
  • Master cylinder repairs
  • Brake hose replacement
  • Brake imbalance repairs
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Brake drums, shoes or cylinder repairs
  • Rotor machining

Dunedin Mechanics for your shockies, ball joints and bushes

Your shocks, ball joints and bushes all help make up the suspension of your vehicle. A vehicle’s suspension can have a big impact on your braking, steering and tyres. The main function of your suspension is ensuring your tyres stay in firm contact with the road. That’s why it’s so important to get qualified mechanics to thoroughly check out your suspension and get honest, solid advice on anything that seems worn and in need of replacing.

How to tell when your suspension system is worn and should be checked:

  • Tyres are unevenly worn
  • Your vehicle is not sitting level when parked
  • You’ll be noticing more noise while driving

If your shocks or struts are worn, here are some things you might experience while driving:

  • Your vehicle dips forwards when braking
  • Handling corners is more difficult
  • Your vehicle is bouncing while you drive
  • You experience poor handling or excessive body roll on corners

With a visual check of your suspension system you might notice:

  • You can spot fluid leakage from your shock absorbers
  • Your shock absorbers are dented or physically damaged
  • Your bushings or mounts are sagged, cracked or distorted

These are all warning signs that part of your suspension system may be worn and need replacing. A well-maintained suspension system means you’ll have smooth comfortable driving, less body roll, and less vibration of the steering wheel. Driving will be far safer, with a shorter stopping distance, improved steering response, and you’ll be extending the life of your tyres.

Your suspension will get checked at every service and whenever the wheels are removed, but if you think there’s some up with the suspension of your car, drop in and see us or get in touch with the team at Car Connection today on 03 476 4441.