Rebuild Centre

Rebuild Centre

Car Connection in Dunedin offers engine rebuilds, engine replacements, modifications and repowering. 

Engine Rebuilds & Reconditioning

While your engine is the heart of your vehicle, replacing it with a second-hand engine is not always the most effective option long-term. Car Connection can rebuild your petrol or diesel engine to the same (if not better) standard. We can get you back on the road and offer comprehensive warranty options for added peace of mind.

Car Connection provides engine assessments, diagnostics, reconditioning and rebuilding before we look at a replacement engine. 

Common engine repairs can include:

  • Replacing the head gaskets
  • Timing change replacement
  • Cylinder head repairs

Engine Replacements

Car Connection provides and fits remanufactured engines. We don’t compromise on quality and provide a warranty on all engine replacements. 

Engine Modifications & Repowering

All engine modifications and conversions need an LVV certifier (Low Volume Vehicle Certification) to check any potential effects on the adequacy of your vehicles braking system. You’ll need an LVV Certification before you can get your WoF if your vehicle is modified. 

We can arrange for your vehicle to be certified after the changes have been made and then you’ll need to attach a certification plate. You can find out more about the process on VTNZ. LVV Certification is a must, Car Connection can arrange it and have it carried out on-site.