New computer scanner!

We have just updated to a new computer scanner, so that we can better diagnose those tricky problems! Good for us. :)


We have recently updated our tyre machine, and can now fit up to 20" tyres. Call in for a free tyre check and advice from Mark.

Workshop visitors


Hey, check out the exciting visitors we had in the workshop last week. Totally unafraid - we're not very scary.

New Website!

Well the big news is, Car Connection has a brand new website! But of course you already know that, because you’re here. It has been a long time coming, but we reckon it’s been worth the wait. We’d love your feedback & please let us know if you find any errors!

Why don't you try it out to book now and avoid the Christmas rush!

Keeping up the good work

It's important to keep up regular maintenance on your vehicle in order for it to be reliable and last the distance. At Car Connection, we keep an extensive history of all work performed on your car, so we can advise whenever routine maintenance is required. Takes the hassle out of it for you!