Why do I need a regular tune-up and what does it include?

Spark plugs need to be replaced at the manufacturers specified intervals. Most cars will still be going well, but the worn spark plugs strain the ignition system which often results in unnecessary costly repairs. Regular tune-ups give you better fuel economy & reduce pollution.

Our tune-up service includes a thorough under-bonnet check and when required; new spark plugs, air & fuel filters, fuel conditioner & a throttle body clean. We test & adjust the ignition system, computer & sensors, using our data scanning & diagnostic equipment.

Why do I need to change my antifreeze, and how often?

Cars from about year 2000 on use a long-life coolant which only needs to be changed every 5 years. Cars prior to that should be changed every 3 years. When we're servicing your car, we check the antifreeze strength for you, or you can just call in for a free check. Here at Car Connection we are now using long life coolant on all our customers cars for best results and cost efficiency.

The reason for regular changes is not to stop the car from freezing, but to stop the cooling system from corroding. This corrosion is like the engine rotting from the inside. This can cause head gaskets to blow, and radiators, pipes, hoses, and water pumps to leak. This corrosion also causes the radiator & heater to block, resulting in overheating. We have developed a specialised coolant change machine which flushes the system completely, then adds new antifreeze.

Can I book by txt?

It is easier to call or email with details, but if txting is better for you, that is ok too. We can also contact you by txt when your car is ready.

How often should my oil & filter be changed?

Your car needs an oil change service at least once a year, and usually an oil & filter service every 10,000kms. Some manufacturers have extended this to 15,000kms due to higher spec oils. Also see FAQ "What is a lube service?"

What is a lube service?

Our lube service is not just changing your oil. We break a full vehicle service check into two parts - a tune service (see FAQ "Why do I need a regular tune-up and what does it include?"), and a lube service. Our lube service includes:

  • change oil (and filter if required)
  • check all steering & suspension parts
  • check brakes & exhaust
  • check tyres & pressures
  • check gearbox, auto trans & diff oil levels
  • check power steer fluid
  • test brake fluid, antifreeze & battery
  • check radiator & hoses
  • add windscreen cleaner & top up water
  • check & adjust drive belts and clutch
  • check lights
  • general look over the whole vehicle

Our emphasis is not on speed, but on performing a thorough maintenance and safety check.

It is very important to use the correct oil specified for your vehicle, so we carry many oil grades in stock. We do manufacturers scheduled servicing and warranty servicing according to your vehicle service books.

How much is a WOF, and how long does it take?


A car takes about ¾ hour, and a van or 4WD can take about 1 hour. You can drop your car off for the day, morning, or afternoon. Or you can arrange a convenient time and wait in our comfy waiting room, take a walk up the forest walking track at the end of the road, or just sit in the park opposite.