About Us

Let us introduce ourselves - as the owners of Car Connection!  We are two couples - Andrew + Kim Peet and Andrew + Gemma Brown.

Our aim is to provide you with an excellent, honest service to help you maintain your vechicle. Our skilled friendly team can do it all, and you can expect a high quality job performed by fully qualified and experienced mechanics.

Andrew Brown and Kim Peet are the faces you will see at the premises, with Kim providing your friendly customer service when you book in, and Andrew managing the workshop alongside our other mechanic Damian.

We look forward to continuing to provide great service!

cars row

Fleet servicing

We welcome fleet servicing. We understand that in business, time is money, and therefore give top priority to our fleet and taxi operators.


Helping the environment

In an industry that has a lot of waste products, we do our best to minimise the effects on our environment. We do this by recycling all that we can, including; oil, antifreeze, batteries, tyres, scrap metal, bottles, plastic and all our paper & cardboard waste.